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Solar Energy – clean, abundant and FREE. Nothing happens without the sun. With it, all life and its endless potential is made available. Are you taking advantage of this incredible gift?

A vast majority of people believe solar power for homes and commercial renewable energy systems are a great way to help our planet survive, our economy thrive and prevent property values from taking a dive. What other home or building improvement can add as much value as a renewable energy system? Which of them will actually make you money over their usable life? The answer is none of them. The best you can expect to recover from a conventional upgrade is 80% to 90%. Compare the ROI of a solar power system to that of the cost of owning and operating a vehicle, and the gains are even greater.

Independence Renewable Energy is a locally owned, family operated solar energy design, sales, installation, maintenance and service company. We cater to residential and commercial clients in the northern Illinois area. Earning your business is a privilege; customer service and attention to our client’s needs are what drive us.

Whether you are looking to generate electricity or heat for hot water production, solar energy systems are a fantastic way to harness the unlimited power of our sun.

Browse our site then give us a call. There is much to learn about renewable energy uses and benefits. We are here to be your escort for the worldwide solarbration that happens every day!

Independence Renewable EnergyProudly serving the Chicagoland area

Independence Renewable Energy

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