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Solar on Lake Holiday

  This past weekend was the 4th of July celebration at Lake Holiday.  It was a 2 day celebration, extravaganza really, celebrating our one nation under God.  Families, friends, food and of course fireworks were plenty all weekend long.  For the lake dwellers this means that endless boat rides.  Pulling someone on a tube, skies [...]

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Positive Energy

This past weekend some of the staff here at IRE got to head up to Custer WI. and experience the 26th Annual Energy Fair.  As it was our first time attending we did not know what expect.   As it turned out, it could not have been a better experience.  Each year the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) hosts [...]

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Solar Windows – Let the Sun Shine In

As you know, we're all about the sun here are IRE.  We love that it can help reduce our electric and propane bills, we love that it shines bright, we love that it gives us a reason to go to the beach and wear coconut scented sunscreen.  One other thing we love about the sun [...]

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Top Reasons to Install Solar Panels

Summer's coming. No wait, summer is here!  It's early June and the temperature is forecasted to reach the low 90's today.  Woo hoo say some of you, and I agree, I love the sun!  At the same time you're getting your Coppertone on and heading to the beach, you might also be closing up your [...]

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Solar Solutions for a Renewable World

We have been putting out our blog for about 3 months now and each week our topic is renewable related, but always different.  Going into summer, we thought it would be good to put out there again, just who we are and what we do....... We moved into our office in early November of 2014.  [...]

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Install a PV System

If  you were on Jeopardy, and the answer was "install a PV system" what would be the question you would reply with?  I love the possibilities here.  One question could be 'what is a way to lower your electric bill?'.  Another might be 'what's a great way to reduce your carbon footprint?' My favorite is 'what [...]

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Living Off Grid? It Can Happen

Since we've moved into our office in Sandwich, IL, we've have some awesome walk-in business.  This is exciting for us, as we love to meet new people and everyone looking to find out about solar energy has a really cool story on why they want to go solar.  We've met some wonderful folks who want [...]

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Happy Earth Day

History..... We're so excited here at IRE that Earth Day just happens to fall on Wednesday Blog Day!  It's kismet or karma or maybe just a really happy accident.  In any case, we're thrilled we get to talk about it.  Let's go back to basics, what is Earth Day and how did it get started? [...]

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Spring Cleaning, Green Cleaning

Clean Green We are officially at the middle of April and this means a few things.  First, it's tax day, this is not exciting unless you're an accountant, but it is necessary to mark the day.  Second, the weather is generally cooperating and if you're at all like us here at IRE your windows are [...]

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Solar on an Island?

As Spring Breaks are coming to an end and the weather in the mid-west is warming, it always brings us to thoughts of summer.  Thoughts of summer bring us to thoughts of warm sandy beaches and sun drenched days, which then bring us back the vacation that just  ended or the one we didn't take [...]

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