REAP Grant. Sounds Good.

REAP Rural Energy for America Program or REAP as it's commonly known.  As we get closer and closer to what would be considered spring weather, we here at IRE get even more excited about the possibility of spreading the word and educating on the ideas of clean, sustainable, renewable energy.  We're really  excited about the [...]

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Sustainability. What’s the Buzz?

Buzzwords There is no doubt that “sustainability” is a word that is dropped in conversation more freely these days. Politicians, entertainers, CEO’s, educators along with their students and other business and community leaders now use the word “sustainability” in their daily conversations and teachings. I’m not a 24-7 news person but my phone buzzes daily [...]

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Solar is the new Granite

    New Construction The housing market is making a comeback, we're hearing that from many sources these days.  Our realtor friends are telling of the joys of being busy again and our custom home builder associates are saying the same.  What seems to be a little different is what is important to the homeowner.  New [...]

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Tis the Season…for Solar Energy

Solar in Spring March:  In like a lion and out like a lamb.  Or so I've heard.  Independence Renewable Energy, LLC is based in Sandwich IL.  The heart of the mid-west.  In most of Illinois it is true that March is, temperamental at best.   Recently, it was raining, sleeting and snowing and there were tornado warnings in [...]

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Solar and NASCAR…a winning pair

NASCAR = Racing As this topic came across my desk I thought, this is cool, solar is what we do and NASCAR is something that a lot of folks like...really like...okay love.  We are surrounded by  race fans.  Not knowing all that much about racing, except the obvious, it's all left turns, I thought I [...]

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The Solar Professor Says: Solarscapes for Spring…Very Cool

The February temperatures continue to plummet and we are faced with yet another polar vortex.  Will the kids be off school?  Well we don't know the answer to that, but we are providing the answer to some home improvement questions.  We're also looking ahead to spring and summer.  Which in the mid-west means warmer weather.  I would include [...]

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Old Homes and New Homes

  Out & About Occasionally through out Sandwich and the surrounding areas you'll find the Professor out and about.  This is typically at a Chamber of Commerce function,  Leads Group meetings or most often at a client's residence or business.  Lately, since moving into our new office (information on the ribbon cutting will follow shortly) we've had several folks [...]

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2015 Super Bowl & Energy Savings

University of Phoenix Stadium   Football... Are you ready for some football?  Or better yet, are you ready for the “Big Game” (notice how we didn’t say Super Bowl there)?   Whether you’re a Seahawk's fan or a Patriot's fan, chances are you’ll be watching the game in some manner this Sunday.    While some [...]

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The Professor Says…. Solar & Snow

Solar & Snow Happy January to all in the northern Illinois area.  While it is snowing this morning, we thought it would be a good time to talk about snow, cold temps and solar panels.  Or maybe a better discussion would be, do solar panels work in the winter?  In the snow and cold temperatures?  In [...]

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