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This past weekend was the 4th of July celebration at Lake Holiday.  It was a 2 day celebration, extravaganza really, celebrating our one nation under God.  Families, friends, food and of course fireworks were plenty all weekend long.  For the lake dwellers this means that endless boat rides.  Pulling someone on a tube, skies or wakeboard brings lots of time going around the lake and seeing the sights.  At the end of the day just enjoying a leisurely cruise around the lake gives all the beautiful homes a different look, from sun up to sundown each of the lots, homes, boats and boat lifts look different depending on what time of day it is.  I found this to be even especially exciting this weekend because this boating season seems to have brought with it even more solar power boat lifts.  Everyone here at IRE is excited about the idea of the solar lift.

While the solar power boat lift is not new to the solar market or even to Lake Holiday the amount of the solar lifts we spotted has grown.  This is very exciting to us, of course because we install solar and solar powered items, but also because is reinforces the idea that solar is becoming more main stream.  The idea of the solar power boat lift is excellent for the home owner and the environment.  The solar lift runs on the sun and a battery pack.  This makes using the lift easy for everyone.  It’s a flip of a switch as opposed to cranking a giant wheel, which gets heavy after awhile.  Being that most boat lifts far enough from land that trees will not an issue, the sun will keep the batteries charged for every use.

We love the story behind the invention,  inventors Gary L. Hatch and James A. Hatch, have created a boat mechanism that can be made available at almost any location, without reliance upon conventional electrical power.  Keep in mind the lifts we are referring to are for smaller boats, jet skis, ski boat and pontoons.  Cabins or remote wilderness locations where electrical power is not possible is a great place to utilize a solar power boat lift.  If you find yourself in a remote location you may forced to use a hand crank boat lift, which uses a system of cables and pulleys to raise and lower the boat, via multiple turns on the hand crank mechanism, as stated, this hand cranking operation quickly becomes tiring, especially if one is not in peak physical shape. Inventors Hatch have created a means by which powered boat mechanisms can be made available at almost any location, without the reliance upon conventional electrical power.

This clever new invention does not require a nearby power source. It eliminates the use of hand crank mechanisms. A top mounted solar panel receives a constant source of light. It is a green product. It is great for wilderness cabins. The use of the Solar-Powered Boat Lift allows for the automatic lifting and lowering of boats in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but ecologically responsible as well.  As the sun hits the solar panel all day, the batteries are charged which then operates the motor of the lift.  Simple, cost effective and eco friendly…we love all of these things.

So if you are a boater or home owner, give us a call…we can lift you up.

Thanks to our friends at the “For Sale by Inventor” site for hooking us up with the inventors of the solar power boat lift.

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