Solar Solutions for a Renewable World


We have been putting out our blog for about 3 months now and each week our topic is renewable related, but always different.  Going into summer, we thought it would be good to put out there again, just who we are and what we do…….

We moved into our office in early November of 2014.  We had our truck lettered later that same month, both proved to be great moves for our renewable energy / installation company.  We have had several walk-ins to our office in Sandwich, IL.  We’ve even had our truck stopped out on the street for folks to ask if we have a business card and to ask questions while standing on the side of the road.  These are great things and going a long way to show that renewable energy, specifically solar energy are up and coming.  We are of the belief that it’s coming quickly and better yet, here to stay.  But who are we?  We are Independence Renewable Energy, LLC.  Our tag line is of course, Solar Solutions for a Renewable World.   Our web site is filled with great information and quotes from the Solar Professor.    IRE’s founder and driving force, Norm Johnson started this company 5 years ago.  A 27 year commercial electrician, Norm considered it  to be a natural progression to incorporate solar energy into his electrical talents.  After much research and schooling he has emerged as the Solar Professor.  An industry expert, educator and leader in the local solar energy market.    Independence Renewable Energy is a small, family owned company.  We strive to provide excellent customer service, an honest days work and of course to give our customers every advantage to going solar.  We work with home owners, small business owners, schools, municipalities and several great local builders.  We are slated to be a several libraries this summer to give educational seminars on the benefits of utilizing solar energy.

We like to remind folks that the answer to our energy needs is truly over your heads!  Clean, abundant and free energy from the sun is easily harvested to produce electricity and or heat.  Whether it’s for your home or business, systems are available that can offset the consumption of standard fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas and propane.  IRE prides it’s self on being knowledgeable on the numerous incentives that are in place to help defray the costs of your system and add value in other ways.  Some to consider are Net Metering which allows excess energy to be sent on the grid resulting in utility bill credits, property tax increase protection (due to installing a solar energy system) and of course the 30% federal tax credit on the full installation cost of your system.  New to Illinois this June is the sale of SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).  We are currently set up with an SREC Aggregator and can fill you in on how to further off set the cost of your system and eventually get a great ROI.

Our passion for renewable energy is immediately recognized by our clients.  We take the time to consult with all of our customers to assure they are making an educated decision about their energy needs.  IRE has obtained the required Distributed Generation Installers Certificate through the Illinois Commerce Commission.   Our company is a member of the Illinois Solar Energy Association, Midwest Renewable Energy Association and several local organizations.  We love that the products we offer are a direct way for individuals, small businesses and communities in Northern Illinois to reduce energy costs and in turn reduce their carbon footprint.  We look forward to the earth being in tact for generations to come.

While todays blog sounds like an infomercial that was not exactly our intent.  We had every intention of letting you know we’re right here in Sandwich IL and we’re ready to serve you.  Here’s a thought, cars became available in 1908 and they never went away…most folks could not even imagine not having a car.  We have a vision to see solar energy helping to supplement electricity for every property in the mid-west.  We’ll be catching up to both the east and west coast, but soon enough you’ll not be able to remember a time when you didn’t have solar.  And I gotta guy…..


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